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Anybody watching Kado:The Right Answer, that sci-fi Japanese anime series ? Well, zaShunina's arms work just like this odd version of Mikazuki Munechika of the Touken Ranbu series. (I think there is something wrong with the rigging on that file.)🤔🤨😶All Third-Party Content.

Thanks to Dwango Co Ltd for their Niconi Alicia Solid character, and Maoudanshii-san for the music. Created using Microsoft Windows 10 Photo and Video editor App:

Alicia Solid, character model
Am using the 64-bit version, but I notice if preview mode is enabled for filters and effects, the processing time is really s-l-o-w.
For the series Kado: The Right Answer

This is their official channel's animating video for the series Kado:The Right answer

From the official channel for the anime series Kado: The Right Answer
Arising from some online discussion, Puffolotti4iji has prepared tutorials which show how to get a more flat-shaded look in 3D scenes.  Take a look:

Simple diablerization in Daz Studio by Puffolotti4iji

Manual cartoonization of a 3d model by Puffolotti4iji…

post toonShadow

GeForce FX
image processing textured

A sort of defered toon shading, which renders the light-dark transition as a soft, rounded line. This technique inspired by a method used in Studio Ghibli's "Howl's Moving Castle." Typically, you should render objects using an un-shaded effect (that is, pure color and/or texture -- no lighting, or lighting with a strong ambient light) (1 technique/s)…
Oh my, the weirdest one !  Personified Cup Noodle Ikemen !  For my own charcater and animation reference only.

Mainly for my character design referencing only:…

And from official website here:…
Idolish7 Official video.  Again, for my own character and animation reference.

Okay I have looked at the official preview and promotional movies of the animated boy idol groups, and there is something I need to note here:  The skin is typically 2-toned only.  There is no further gradation.  The hair can be 4-5 tones.  This can be pretty annoying to set up !!
This one is also hard to locate, but once I got the official YouTube account, I found a lot of their official preview movies. 

So this one is for my own character and animation reference:

Their official freebies and special items are found here:…
Wow, this one was hard to find.  This is the Official Promotion Video for Ensemble Stars.  Only for my character referencing, but there is hardly any character animation.