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Here, take them, but don't complain, don't sell them, don't claim them as your own work, and don't re-distribute them:-………

You will need my custom Paul Anime character set for the Smith Micro Paul figure, and Poser / Poser Pro 11 (because Paul comes with it).…
Please watch out for my Poser Pro 11 freebies, which I will be releasing at my ShareCG page. These are the items, which may be found in 3 separately-uploaded archives.

My Paul Anime Wardrobe 2

PPz format clothing -
Fantasy Shorts 2017 version
Long Coat 2 207 version
Long Sleeve T-shirt 2017 version
Long Vest 2017 version
Short Vest 2017 version
Super Baggy Pants 2017 version
Tunic 2017 version

My Paul Anime Wardrobe 3

CRz format clothing -
Hooded Wrap-Over

PPz format clothing -
Tunic 2017 version
Top version 2C
Top version 3
Top version 3B
Top version 5
Top 2017 version
Assymetrical Gown 2017 version
Assymetrical Poncho 2017 version
Baggy T-shirt 2 2017 version
Bermudas 2017 version
Darted Gown 2017 version
High Resolution Gown 2017 version
Hooded Wrap-Over Showing Face 2017 version
Hooded Wrap-Over Covering Face 2017 version
Jacket 08 2017 version
Robe 2017 version

My Paul Anime Wardrobe 4

CRz format clothing -
Elf Booties
House Flip Flops
Short High-Necked Open Vest
Short High-Necked Open Vest2

PPz format clothing  -
Hip length Long T shirt
Hip Length Skinny T shirt
Open Hoodie Cuffed
Open Hooded
Open-Neck Sweater
Wide-Neck Bolero
That beloved minimalist design, so cute and so sweet, -- it's Miffy the anthropomorphic rabbit.  Her creator, Mr Dick Bruna, has just passed away.  May he Rest In Peace.…
The male characters !
Pretty intense 3D CG discussion of modelling and editing hair and hair accessory:-……

I have released my Paul Anime Wardrobe - a collection of clothing for my Paul Anime Character.  Use inside Poser Pro 11.…

Please check it out and let me know if there are any problems.
I've been pretty quiet because: 1) keeping up with USA politics and implications for SE Asia-Singapore; 2) finishing up Anime-style character set and clothing for Smith Micro's Paul figure, for use with Poser; 3) Chinese New Year festivities. OK. So I have more or less completed a basic kit for my Anime Paul. Clothes modelled using Shade3D.…

Nippon Columbia releases Nintendo 3DS game
I have recently been using two human figure generators for 3D CG use.  One is Autodesk's Character Generator, and the other is Adobe's Mixamo Fuse CC beta.  Quick impression: Fuse CC output is a little more fiddly to handle, requires a detour into a 3D modelling app to get eye geometry pose-able, and needs more tweaking for materials and shaders after import into Poser.  Also, Fuse CC is a 4+ GB download - which take several hours, and you have to get it through the Adobe client - takes up space and is still slow to execute.  The X and Y rotation parameters for each pose-able part are inverted when imported into Poser. Also, when I uploaded the FBX of the human figure to Mixamo online, to create animation, the resultant FBX animations fail to import into Poser !  Character Generator is an online browser-based utility.  The generated figure imports into Poser with hardly any adjustment required for shaders and materials. The X and Y parameters for each pose-able part are exactly correct for the orientation in the Poser scene.  FBX output from both software load correctly to scale inside Poser Pro 11, when geometry scale at import time - 100%, and are in T pose and correctly oriented to global.  However, as I have said, the X and Y rotation parameter dials work for the Y and X rotation movements in the case of the Fuse CC figure.  
For some strange reason, I can no longer upload anymore art into my DeviantArt Gallery.
Autodesk ASEAN requested I put together a video tutorial of how I used their Character Generator to create poseable figures for use with Poser Pro 11.  Here is my video:
I generated several characters using Autodesk's online Character Generator, and downloaded as FBX.  I uploaded one of the FBX files to Adobe Mixamo, an online rigging and animation tool.  I got an error during the processing.  It appears that Mixamo may not like the Character Generator FBX.  
Prosaically named, but fully descriptive of what it does, AutoRigger and Reshaper software was created by Andrew Feng and Ari Shapiro of USCICT.
The software is only available for non-commercial use, while commercial licensing would require some form of fee, presumably.  I downloaded and tried the software.  I had earlier generated a human figure using MakeHuman, so I did not use their 3Dscan software ScanBody.  Autorigger imported the MakeHuman OBJ file without problem, and rigged the mesh fairly quickly.  I exported the rigged mesh as a DAE (that's the only output format available).  I attempted importing the DAE into Poser Pro 11, and immediately got a crash.  I imported the DAE into Blender3D, couldn't see anything in the workspace (tell you why later), although item appears in the hierarchy menu.  OK, so I grabbed Autodesk FBX Converter 2014 version, and converted the DAE into FBX.  I tried importing the FBX into Blender 3D - it turns out the scale of the mesh is very small.  therefore, cannot be seen by default camera setting.  OK, with this info, I imported the FBX mesh into Poser Pro 11 at 10,000 times scale.  Yup. The figure is in, with rigging.  Not all the rigging works.  Head parts and fingers are not working - probably need to assign polygons to bones.  When posing the figure, some adjustment is needed to mesh areas - probably solvable by weight-painting.  For the end-user, what is the value of this software ?  Probably as effective as the RadiantRig plugin or ManuelBastioniLab plugin for Blender3D.  Interesting little piece of software, try it for yourselves and see what it does - I won't give the game away, but there is an interesting difference during the processing stage.…

Not sure it's really necessary. 

Kyotaro-san's Tutorial on Atmospheric Effects with Superfly

Please use your in-browser translation utility to read this, if you cannot read Japanese. It is a solution to how Superfly shaders and a box prop can be set up to provide an atmosphere in the render (this work around was devised because "SuperFly does not correspond to drawing atmospheric nodes".)
OK ! Thanks to Poser use AmbientShade (who is 13 hours behind me and lost all sleep), I have worked out my technical problem with animating my original figure. Poser software is very fussy about internal bone names. It will allow non-animated poses with non-conventional internal bone names, but it will not allow keyframes to be added in the animation timeline, thus making it impossible to animate figures with bones having internal names different from Poser's convention. THIS EXPLAINS WHY IMPORTED FBX FILES CANNOT BE ANIMATED INSIDE POSER.
(Pardon my language) I am hacking this Poser Animation Palette for my original 3D figure, until I get the posing to work correctly, damn !