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huuuuuu - Blender3D still cannot match Shade3D in ease of modelling
Using 2D images to create a cel-shaded 3D virtual scene -…

Download More than 2,500 Images of Vibrant Japanese Woodblock Prints and Drawings From the Library of Congress

by Kate Sierzputowski on June 14, 2017


examples -…
3D CG creation is changing by leaps and bounds:

Tell me about it here:

Poser rant
No one has created anything in 3D CG as horrible and repulsive as a teratoma in the real world. Look it up, and check out the images, especially. Now that's a proper Halloween 3D CG project.…
Absolutely stunning work. (some mature content, violence, adult situations)

Here is an official online chapter fropm Pixiv :-……

Make 3D models from photos

Free for psersonal use only…
Launch Windows SuperPhoto App
(I am using the free version)

Select the effect you wish to use

A pop-up menu will ask you you Choose Photo From etc etc

I choose Gallery to open a local graphic file

(I click the Remove Watermark option on right side of app window)

The rest is intuitive / obvious
Note To Self
Windows Photastic Collage App Usage

Launch Photastic Collage app

Click Collages in options on left of app window

Select 2 Photos (never mind if landscape mode for now)

Select Variations (ditto)

Click Designs in the menu bar appearing on the right side of the app window

Look for the 2 photos Portrait Mode choice, clik that one

Continue with other processes per what needs done
Windows PicsArt app - 
Launch app
Click the large + button at bottom centre of app window
Click the Edit button in the pop up menu at bottom of app windo
Click the Recent down caret (arrowhead) at top of pop up menu
- a drop-down menu appears
Click Choose From Gallery to access local graphic file for editing in PicsArt.
Unity3D keeps updating versions, while add-on assets lag behind compatible versioning.  There is a software called JokerScript for visual novel game creation, and it only works with Unity 5.2.2, while I have Unity3D 5.6.1f1. Annoying !

Some rather rule-breaking concepts, which are plausible.

If you have 3D CG characters store online at Mixamo, better get them downloaded before 22 August 2017.  Mixamo are reducing the features of the service: no more storage online , and no more BVH or BIPED exporting. The Mixamo forums will be absorbed into the main Adobe forums as well.……