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#Poser #ContentParadise #vendor #QualityAssurance

Nice. It was some time between my purchasing a particular product at Content Paradise, and my actually using it inside Poser.  And what do you know, hey.  PZ2 files point to non-existent JPG file in non-existent texture folder.  Have since asked Tech Support for help.  But really. This level of service isn't something expected.  
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Thanks to one of the Galleries, I got an invitation to the preview session tonight.  As I've mentioned before, I no longer collect anything that is on paper, canvas or similar, reason being the hot and humid weather in my country causes spotting on the base.  Therefore, let me mention the interesting sculptures and artists I met at this season's AAF.

Misako Maegaki, Gallery UG of Tokyo, Japan: Mix media -stone, clay, wood - quaint rounded, stylised, humanoid sculptures in whimsical daily life.

Kinihiko Nohara, also of Gallery UG: amusing whimsical sculptures of wood, Japanese motifs with puffy playful clouds. 

Hideaki Yamamoto - I met this Japanese artist at the Shonandai Gallery booth.  I wanted to know what a particular ingredient was, in the tag for his wood sculptures.  Turns out it is a natural anti-insect anti-fungal preservative.  His works are made up of wood pieces which he then shapes and sculpts into a final organic form.

Park Je-Kyoung, young Korean lady artist showing for first time in Singapore, and it was a miracle we even had a 10 minute non-verbal conversation about her art.  She does dreamy abstract pieces of layers of lace on canvas. Her theme is U-Topos or, as she tells me, Utopia.  Her work at the Singapore Spring AAF is exhibited by Lynn Gallery.  

Also from Lynn Gallery are Wan Kim's mixed media lightscape series - very architecturally-inspired narrow vistas of corners in structures where light shines in at an angle.  Also, the fantasy mixed media LED lamps of Lee JongHee.  

Enjo: A Korean artist who is showing a few minimalist pop-art style sculptures.  The colour themes are black, white and blue, and the lines are spartan. See his work at Lotte Gallerium's booth.

Lots of other Korean artists presenting their works in person.  Huue Gallery has several, and the ones which had interesting graphic style 2D-3D wall mounted sculptures are: Shin DongWon (playful warped perspective Asian tea time); Yang JungSook (contemporary motifs adorned with cross-stitches and nail decor sparkles); Choi EungHan (large ceramic sculptures of some kind of bun !); and Lee DaeChul ( paint-splattered steel sculptures with a 3D wireframe look ).  If you like automatons and steam punk, Wang ZiWon has a motion-activated stand-alone sculpture with a static BJD and moving gears.

Artheline, comprising an artist couple, are once again showing their cute, rounded, brightly coloured sumo wrestlers and hippopotami, among others.  Must see at Art Porters exhibition booth.

Choi Jong-Sik: creates traditional East Asian style brush art, but his brush strokes are actually staples !  He then paints over them in one colour for the entire canvas.  If you like this type of quirky stuff, go see SCAI booth at 3D-10  (please note that their booth card is printed incorrectly as 3D-14).

Park Ki-Woong: Korean wireframe art of human subjects - rather sparing in line, and the wires also form the frame of each piece.  Also at SCAI booth.

Lamal Chilaka: photographer-artist, EyeMage Gallery, his urban traffic light streaks caught my eye.  He explained to me that he photographs night scenes, then digitally paints the light streaks over the image, then prints the graphic.  As I've been creating 3D urban bokeh effects for use in Poser software, I had to notice.

Song JinSu: Shriek !!!  This artist's sculptures are amazingly like sketchy scribbles, but in 3D !  And you can definitely make out the form of what he's intended. At US$10,000.00 asking price for a human figure sculpt doing mundane stuff like leaning against a wall, that's a bit steep for a casual acquisition, though.  Represented by P & Co Art. Example of work at Gallery website:…

I want to recommend also the artists represented by Be & Art Gallery: Aline Jansen, Didier Hamey, Riitta Klint, Willard Andre Allen. All fine work, and I am tempted by the Hamey items, but need to hold to my objective of sculpts, not paintings.

Walter Pancheri: He makes wood look like flowing cloth draped over other items !!  Must check his work out at DiLegno Gallery's booth.

Simona Ragazzi: Dark sculpts, very moody, of human faces. Also represented by DiLegno Gallery.

And there were some but not as many, of the gimmicky stuff which some art buyers think is so cool and happening, but really are cheap tricks passing off as art.

Finally, a kooky local artist ZXeroKool produced by The Art Fellas. It's internet gaming cartoon anime loopy culture all in one.  Artist didn't even bother that someone spilled a glass of wine over one of his laminated posters. Totally boh-chap hang-loose booth, LOL !


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Otaku Obatarian Oji-tarian Alert:
I just found another for-grown-ups poseable doll from Japan. It is a low-teens female figure with an articulated spine and jointed torso.  Upper and lower limb parts are connected to their respective body parts by built-in magnets, so the doll is easier to dress. There is an inner face made of very pliant material, and it holds the eyeballs, so you can create heterochromatic eyes.  But here is the real clincher - the doll has a dedicated voice unit which can speak about 30 words, and sensors which can tell how the doll is held.  From positional information, the doll will speak accordingly.  you can activate its Bluetooth and it can speak through your PC or sing - if I read the translated Japanese correctly.  Aiyaiyai, for folks who prefer a more mature figure, the boobies are sold as an add-on appendage. This doll is primarily used as a cosplay avatar, from what I can gather.  So, LibiDoll ( ugh, such a play on a related word ) website is here: and international online orders are available through Tokyo Otaku Mode.
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I have considered which may be the best way to allow users to enjoy my Visual Kei character for the Koji G2 figure, even if they don't possess third-party commercial morphs.  I also do not want to infringe any usage limitations imposed by the owners of the Koji G2 figure, nor the rights of any 3rd-party commercial morph set creators.  One solution is to use the Koji G2 DEV CR2.  I made the custom face morph in the default Koji G2 CR2, using Poser's Morph Tool.  I then loaded the Koji G2 DEV CR2 into the scene. Using Poser's function "Copy Morphs From", I chose only my custom morph to be copied from Koji G2 CR2 to the DEV CR2. This way, so long as I only distribute the Dev CR2 with my custom morph on board, and without any accompanying geometry file, I should be able to share my custom morph.  User basically has to copy my custom morph from the DEV CR2 to their own Koji G2 CR2.

#Poser #3D #CG #CharacterDesign #Morph

My Custom Morph Distri Prep by ibr-remote
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Testing my character shaders by ibr-remote
Testing my character shaders
Testing my Illuminated BioSkin Dark Version character shaders. I have used 3rd-party content for the clothing, hair, and face and body morphs. Image posed and rendered in Smith Micro's Poser Pro 2014 EX v5.2
Tough Day At The Office by ibr-remote
Tough Day At The Office

Aiko3 figure by DAZ3D, Bukko character by 3574 (formerly Aziqo), Amber Hair by LadyLittleFox, Recruit Suit by BAT.

Image posed and rendered in Smith Micro's Poser Pro 2014 EX v5.2



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